Action Learning Sets

Target Audience

Policy and decision makers at all governance levels - from the local and regional to the national and European level - involved in innovation, social, labour, structural policies or other policy areas of interest for marginalised and vulnerable groups in society.


The above target group is invited to participate in SIMPACT's research activities by means of policy action learning sets and Go to Policy Dialoguepolicy dialogue workshops. With the aim of Go to Public Policy Instrumentspolicy case study analysis, action Learning strives to engage policy makers in progressive reflection, insight and learning relating to the nature and effectiveness of different policy approaches.


The planned three action learning sets will bring together relevant policy representatives from each case over a seven-month period. Through expert facilitation, action learning sets build empathy and co-operation between members who represent diverse case settings, leading to knowledge sharing, critical reflection and mutual support. This process of exchange will lead to the creation of new knowledge at two levels:

  • At case level comparison between cases and dialogue between participants will generate new understanding of the enablers and inhibitors in the policy and regulatory environment of each social innovation. This will provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on and to refine practice within their own cases, and the experience gained during the process of refinement itself becomes the focus for discussion at subsequent Action Learning Set meetings.
  • At system level it will lead to the identification of generic and transferable lessons on which the practical guidance for policy makers can draw.

Basic Information


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    Action Learning

    Action learning is a process which involves working on real-world challenges/problems, using the knowledge and skills of a small group of people (here: policy makers) combined with skilled questioning, to re-interpret old and familiar concepts and produce fresh ideas.