Drivers & Barriers of SI


Social innovation in most cases necessitates the participation of and collaboration with relevant stakeholders across sectors and organisational boundaries.


The overall goal is to identify drivers and barriers as well as opportunities for scaling and diffusion of social innovations, enabling the development of a strong conceptual framework and informing the creation of tailored concepts, tools and instruments.


Based on the outcomes of Go to TheorisingWP1 and Go to Collecting EvidenceWP3, a set of criteria to evaluate the conditions of social innovation by means of drivers is developed. Based on the identified specifics of social innovations and the Go to Stakeholder Experimentsconsultation workshop with practioners, a set of characteristics will be investigated to understand the (economic, social and contextual) drivers and barriers throughout the lifecycle, including scaling and diffusion of social innovations. This will be fed into the formulation of Go toimproved solutions, Go to SimulationWP2, Go to Indicator SetsWP5 and Go to Policy InstrumentsWP6.

Aspects to be covered comprise, for example, characteristics of the partnerships, the context of the solution, the economic frame and the business model of the solution, the innovation process, social innovation policies, support actions and infrastructures. The interpretation of the cases at different stages and with different levels of diffusion and success, together with that of the environment where they were established or spread, will produce:

  • 1 Criteria for evaluating the potential scalability and replication of social innovation prototypes
  • 2 Recommendations for adapting and/or re-designing the services and experiences for scaling up, spreading and adapting them to new local contexts.

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    Bastian PELKA
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